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We rely on time-tested methods and create new ones, if we need to


In this phase, we create a shared knowledge base for all stakeholders through various methods such as user journey mapping, affinity mapping, user interviews, etc. To be honest, we spend more time identifying the problem than solving it. Because solutions are the direct result of how good the identification is.


Next, we evaluates everything we learned in the previous phase to converge on the problem. This is done by defining specific context and desired outcomes of potential solutions. Once we get a clear idea on what the problem is, we focus our energies in strategy, goals, success metrics, and signals..


This phase offers us insight into possible future solutions. A wide range of ideas are written down. This phase is also very creative as the team looks for inspiration, thinks outside the box, and sometimes the solutions lie in alternative spaces.


After sketching various concepts, we compare the solution sketches created by the participants and agree on what works best as a whole for the product, then create an actionable plan to prototype the chosen sketch concept.


To test the viability of the chosen concept, we work together the create a prototype. The aim of the game is to quickly create a version that is realistic enough to validate the concept with the help of methods such as storyboarding, using prototyping tools, etc.


This is the moment of truth! We present the prototype to users for interaction. We also give a feedback form that includes items such as emotional responses, usability, and accessibility. This way, we get as much structured feedback as we can while leaving room for free expression. This phase also sheds light on the technical feasibility.

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Lisian Dias

Head of Design

Lisian is empowering entrepreneurs and great thinkers in realising their business dreams and helps them turn it into reality.

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