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Remote work just became a lot easier

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Why another project management tool?

How many hours are wasted planning meetings, organizing notes, or finding information? For large teams, nearly 40,000 hours are spent on unproductive tasks! It is not just a project mangement tool but also helps you get on the fast track with your work, whatever that may be.

All-in-one productivity platform powered by A.I. that assists you to get things done from mundane to the most complex tasks. It’s smart, intuitive, and fully customizable. Get docs, tasks, wiki and create workflows so can you run your day like a boss!

All your stuff in one place

Collaboration built in

Get everyone on same page

Widgets that grow with you

An assistant that actually assists

Supercharged with apps you love

A perfect fit for every professional

Your work-life balance is just one tap away.

Long-term collaboration

We value each and every client and do our best to offer several options for collaboration with which everyone is satisfied. It is most reliable and mutually beneficial when the client trusts your expertise and you can meet multiple needs over the course of a long-term working relationship. Kora has given us the opportunity to show what we can do

It can be painstaking to set it up properly on your phone. You have to switch between different apps while manoeuvring through other notifications as well as your computer.

Can’t I use the Google’s Suite?

Can’t I use the Google’s Suite?

Customize Kora to make it work the way you want it to. Widgets let you easily drag and drop to set up the dashboard you care about. And it gets even better: Kora also suggests workflows based on your usage.

Can I also build the workflows I want?

Can I also build the workflows I want?

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