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Engage with customers in a revolutionary way

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Product Design
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Wait...Why a conversation builder?

Businesses work around the clock these days, and that goes for customers too. They've many questions and it becomes difficult to communicate with every customer resulting in long queues and a disorganised support team. Genium lets businesses build always-on conversational bots that can seamlessly handle routine queries by automating common flows like FAQs, shipping status, returns, etc. But that's not all: you can also increase sales by enticing potential customers with a better sales experience.

Meet customers where they want to engage. Take the conversation to new digital channels, including live chat, chatbots, Instagram, Telegram messaging and even mobile apps. Genium also offers the ability to localise workflows so you can support as many languages as possible.

Design, prototype, test, & publish flows

Get Real time custom reports

Genium is a great friend of conversation designers, and devs

Sophisticated, powerful and fast

Real Time Collaboration

Share a web link to anyone to review.

Thoughful Branding

We wanted the platform to feel friendly, so we designed a mascot that talks to users

Warm illustrations spread across the platform

Alan Carvahlo

Harpreet and Lisian were a dynamic duo like Batman and Robin. They stuck to the timelines they suggested. They were especially nice to work with because they've a really good understanding of business. I highly recommend working with them.

People prefer messaging via SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms to communicate with friends and family. Genium makes communicating with brands just as easy. Genium also allows brands to send SMS campaigns while preserving their investment in existing systems.

Where can I deploy these bots?

Where can I deploy these bots?

Genium offers conversational design where you literally just create conversation as if you were typing a message. Genium's visual no-code builder offers the familiarity of modern design software without sacrificing powerful tools.

I don't know how to code. What to do?

I don't know how to code. What to do?

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