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We work with people who make us step of our skin to find the best possible solution. We believe in building long-term partnerships that are rooted in the mutual vision to create impact in the world.


Our uniqueness to approach the problem sets us apart from the rest of the design agencies. We spend the neccassary time diving deep in the problem until we reach the core of it and then work our way up to the solution nurturing every aspect of the product

A Promise

What’s going to be the next year trends? We set them and break them too. It is not just about making money, it is about tranforming lives. Every project we take on is important to us, and every client is a huge deal. We value your projects, your deadlines, your emotion to make something happen, and that’s a promise.

Meet the global team

Our squad include designers, developers, illustrators, researchers, business strategists, writers and project managers. While we come from different countries, have different skill sets, hail from unbeleivable backgrounds (including a fireman) and musical tastes, we’re all passionate about serving our clients and doing beautiful work.

Harpreet Singh Herry

Chief Serving Officer | Product Strategist | Co - Founder

Herry is animated by a burning desire to make this world a better place (much cliché?). He is a yogi at his core, so he naturally connects his life to source. This also gives him a unique perspective to create an inclusive business vision that works for everyone. He considers his team his greatest asset, and they never cease to amaze him with their insanely creative problem-solving skills. When not in public life, he enjoys getting lost in nature, learning from other cultures, and dissolving himself in tranquility.

Lisian Dias

Head of Design | Co - Founder

Lisian leads all aspects of our creative, user experience and design work, overseeing the quality of our work and challenging our designers to learn and grow. In addition to being a talented UX/UI designer, Lisian is a brilliant fine artist who makes really amazing artwork, and plays heart touching ukulele.

Surya Prakash

Senior Product Designer | Co - Founder

Surya is a keen learning & a teetsy bit musical & a very imaginative person, he tries to make all kinds of crazy & funny things on his ipad. Also he is a space and universe exploration fanatic.  He has been a developer for sometime before crossing over the design orbit.  He had picked up materials like music, singing, a newbie composer from a musical planet. He likes to find new paths & ideas.

Chamkor Singh

Visual & UI Designer

Chamkor is strong & a kind soul, with a very beautiful visual sense. He has been a fireman in service before. Helping people comes to him like, blood in his veins. He looks at design in a very intrinsic point of view to make the visual catchy at the same time abstract and minimal. He loves to spend time with his daughter. during his free time.

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Lisian Dias

Head of Design

Lisian is empowering entrepreneurs and great thinkers in realising their business dreams and helps them turn it into reality.

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